Thrive ~ Day 6

Thrive |

How did it feel having your day planned out? I just love going through the day and knowing exactly what I have accomplished and what I still have to do! It's just empowering to see it, and have that intention. Today is going to be super easy, it's just building on yesterday! Today's Goal Decrease your stress by eating your frog! Today's Assignment No, we aren't eating a real frog, don't worry. … [Read more...]

Thrive ~ Day 5

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Awesome. Y'all are absolutely killing it. We've started doing what we love, and now we have a wonderful morning routine! How did it go this morning? Was the routine do-able? Or did you bite off more than you can chew? Tweak, tweak, tweak! Remember, this is not a one-size fits all challenge! It won't work unless you take the time to make it work for you! Today's Goal Go to bed {or just start our … [Read more...]

Thrive ~ Day 4

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You did it! This morning you took your first step towards your goals! What do you say we keep walking in that direction? You can! Just keep following these steps {it's so easy! they're laid out for you!} and you will get there! Today's Goals Create a simple routine! There's a famous saying, "success comes easily to those that follow a simple routine." Not really, I just made that up. But … [Read more...]

Thrive ~ Day 3

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  How did it feel rewarding yourself today?? Do you think it will help you stick with this challenge to really change your life? If the reward ending up not feeling like a reward re-evaluate the "reward". Did you listen to me and give yourself a real reward, or did you try and reward yourself with laundry and dishes? Maybe you really thought you'd love reading for 20 minutes in the … [Read more...]

How to Add Text to Printables Using PicMonkey

Using PicMonkey to Add Text to Your Printables |

This post contains affiliate links. For more on that please read our terms of use. If you purchased my budget envelope insert set you may be wondering how to add labels to the blank sidebars without having to write them in by hand or using Illustrator. Well I'm here to share a great, and often overlooked option for that with y'all! PicMonkey, it's a great {free or paid} photo editor, the … [Read more...]